4 Timeless Kitchen Designs

Designing and remodeling a kitchen takes creativity and planning. With the right kitchen design, you can make your house very attractive and significantly increase your overall property value.

However, it can be difficult to find the kitchen design that works best for your home.

If you’re unhappy with the design of your kitchen or need a creative, aesthetically pleasing design for a home you plan to build, then you’ve come to the right place. This article highlights four kitchen designs that are sure to make your home stand out with style.

While it is important to take the style of your home under consideration when choosing your kitchen design, all four of these designs are timeless and are sure to work for any kitchen.

  1. Minimalist

The minimalist look for kitchens is starting to become more and more popular.

The beauty of a minimalist design kitchen is the simplicity of it. When more complex kitchen designs fail to meet their standard, they tend to look cluttered and disorganized. With a minimalist style kitchen, however, there is very little risk of failure of installation as there are far less moving parts. It also gives your kitchen an elegant, sleek look in a way that other kitchen designs simply aren’t able to.

With a minimalist kitchen design, you will have a very simple color scheme, usually with white being your main color. By doing so, you minimize the risk of picking a bold color choice and finding out you don’t like it after you spend hours and hours painting. Also, a minimalist design for your kitchen means less kitchenware displays, which keeps the kitchen looking clean and organized. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t have an extensive amount of kitchenware in your kitchen, but instead of having them displayed on the counter, you will keep them placed in kitchen cabinets and can easily take kitchenware items out whenever they need to be used.

Lastly, a minimalist kitchen design is, in most cases, the least expensive to implement. Therefore, if you are on a limited budget, you can still remodel your kitchen in an elegant manner.

  1. Antique

There isn’t a kitchen design out there more timeless than an antique design.

An antique kitchen design really makes a kitchen look attractive. There is just something about having an old time look that brings out the best in a kitchen. The antique kitchen design is perfect for homes that by nature have a more antique look to them, usually homes that are built over 25 years ago work best. With that said, if your house was built within the last ten years, it will be much more difficult, but not impossible, to implement an antique design to your kitchen.

Usually with an antique design, you will utilize a simple color scheme, but slightly more bold than a minimalist look. Also, it is best to utilize wood for your kitchen cabinets. By doing so, you will really be able to bring out the antique, throwback look to your kitchen. One of the best things about an antique design for a kitchen is that it’s okay to have pots and pans out in the kitchen, either hung up or displayed and ready to use on the stove.

In many homes, implementing an antique design to your kitchen can be fairly expensive. However, if your home already has a slight touch of an antique look, then you should be able to remodel your kitchen with an antique design at a fairly low cost.

  1. Natural Lighting

Proper lighting is extremely important to the look of any kitchen design, and this kitchen design focuses intently on ensuring your kitchen receives the proper lighting.

The natural lighting kitchen design requires careful planning and execution to properly implement. The first and most important consideration you should make is where your kitchen is located. In order for this design to truly work, your kitchen needs to have access to windows. Therefore, if your kitchen is in the middle of your home, you should consider one of the three other kitchen designs. However, if your kitchen has access to natural lighting from doors and windows, then you should strongly consider this design. The next most important consideration to make are the windows. Windows such as bay windows will work well to let natural light into your kitchen.

As long as you have the proper location and windows, you can get creative with the rest of the design. While lighter colors might work best for a paint choice, you are able to be more bold as well with the natural lighting kitchen look.

  1. Clean & Classic

The clean and classic kitchen design is similar to the minimalist design, except you have more room to be creative and take chances.

The beauty of a clean and classic design is that you are able to add your own personal touch to a simple, modern look overall. With a clean and classic kitchen design, you are able to make more bold choices with your paint, add a rug and implement more stylish appliances. The important thing with a clean and classic style, however, is that you keep it simple and clean. Make sure to keep unused kitchenware put up and keep the counters cleared off. With that said, you are able to add more than you would be able to with a minimalist design, such as leaving a toaster out for display, adding a kitchen table or larger island, or displaying flowers and fruit baskets throughout your kitchen.

While the clean and classic kitchen design style will take more work to plan out and implement, you can do so without too much hassle. The clean and classic look works for almost every kitchen, despite the design of the rest of the house.

Remodel Your Kitchen and Make It Stand Out

A clever kitchen remodel is a great way to give your home the added attraction it needs while increasing your property value at the same time.

While it will require time and money, a kitchen remodel is almost always worth the hassle for homeowners who care about the aesthetic value of their house.