Seven Amazing Considerations for Your Bathroom Remodel

From amazing statement mirrors to sculptural tubs and indoor showers, bathroom remodeling has come a long way especially from the basic designs in the past few years. if you need to change a few things in your bathroom, there are some tips that can guide you through the process of acquiring that new look.

  • Residential Plumbing 

Typically, residential plumbing can take up to one and a half inches of pipe drains. You will be surprised by the junk of hair that goes into the drain eventually. Well, the deeper and larger the drain, the better it is at serving your needs. The difference of upgrading to about a 2-inch drain can be neglected as practically, the drain is one of the most important aspects of plumbing.

  • The type of Lighting 

A bathroom is nothing without proper lighting. Therefore, you can consider using recessed light features on your ceiling in order to brighten the room. Perhaps you should also include a proper shower trim in it. Other than that, you can install a dimmer switch with the aim of adjusting to different moods once in a while.

  • Install Medicine Cabinets

At some point in life, you’ll need to self-medicate therefore your bathroom needs to have a medicine cabinet. All too often, this is an amazing way to save some space through shallow vanity. Moreover, the additional framing cannot interfere with your budget. Supposing you have other options, make sure that the room is spacious enough to accommodate your medicine cabinet.

  • Having Wall-Hung Toilets

Wall hung toilets have become popular over the past few years. Of course, this is all for a good reason like they are cheap and economical in terms of saving space. Moreover, because the tank is somewhat hidden behind the walls, you will have more space left for other features.

  • Putting a Window in the Shower 

Putting a window in the shower can be pretty stylish if it is done properly by a professional like timber decking northern beaches. Some of the factors to consider here include working with a frosted glass panel to enhance privacy. Besides, the window offers you the chance to enjoy fresh air.

  • Having the Right Drawer Storage 

Your bathroom will look better with drawer storage. In this case, you should consider having a vanity type of drawer instead of installing doors. This is solely because it is easier to access drawers. Also, the drawers can be cut to accommodate huge items.

  • Installing Showers or Tubs

As you remodel your bathroom, you can install a shower or a tub. Perhaps the questions you should ask yourself as you think of the two is whether the option you select will last a year or more. This is because you need to go for an economical option. If you will reside in the house for more than a year, then it will be worth it.

The Conclusion

No matter the size of your bathroom, the listed ideas can always help you with remodeling it. Consider incorporating them for your benefit.