Which Worktop Should I Choose for My Traditional Bathroom?

Increasing number of homeowners in the UK are now opting for traditional home decor for its classic beauty. The calm, comfort and elegance make it a one-of-a-kind decor ideal for homeowners looking for something orderly and consistent. To create the right traditional appeal, every element of the home, including the bathroom needs to stick to a single theme.

Traditional bathrooms often feature pedestal sinks, cross-handle faucets and sculptural tubs for creating that familiar and comfortable ambience. However, a common problem for a lot of homeowners wanting to build a traditional bathroom is selecting the right worktop material. With so many options now available, things can get very confusing, especially if you are buying a worktop material for the first time.

To help make things easier, we’ve created a list of some top options that you can consider for your traditional bathroom worktop.

  1. Marble

Natural materials like marble are often a go-to option for traditional decor due to its timeless beauty. It has been used for construction since the classical times and is still a very popular choice for homeowners. Marble is now available in several designs and textures to perfectly blend with any kind of decor. Calacatta, Carrara, Almeria Grey, Arabescato, and Emerald Wave are some top choices for a traditional bathroom worktop.

  1. Granite

Granite is another popular natural material which is well-known for its strength, hygiene, and temperature resistance. It is very easy to clean and easily lasts for several years. Just like marble, granite too is available in innumerable designs and textures. Moreover, granite is also one of the most affordable worktop material. Alexander Black, Ferrato, Absolute Black, Bordeaux River, and Fusion Red are some great choices.

  1. Porcelain

Porcelain is also highly preferred by a lot of homeowners looking to create a traditional bathroom. The material is very easy to handle, stain resistant, hygienic, light in weight and waterproof. Apart from worktop, it can also be an excellent option for vanity tops, floor and wall cladding.

Neolith, Dekton, and Caesarstone are some brands that offer a wide range of beautiful and functional porcelain worktop materials.

  1. Quartz

Quartz is an engineered stone made from resins, stone chips, and pigments. Apart from being beautiful, the material is also very popular for its physical characteristics like non-porosity, hygiene, stain-resistance, and minimum maintenance requirements. Moreover, a lot of brands now offer quartz surfaces that look like natural stones to provide an excellent blend of beauty and improved physical abilities. Consider brands like CRL, Silestone, and Caesarstone is you are searching for the best quartz worktops.

  1. Limestone

Limestone is like marble as it also contains calciferous minerals that are formed over hundreds of thousand years on the Earth. Limestone generally comes in beige, yellow, golden and sometimes grey. Limestone for bathrooms is usually available at a lower price than those compared to marble which makes it an excellent option for homeowners searching for an affordable yet beautiful and sturdy bathroom worktop material. Moreover, the material is also available in several different finishes which blend very well with both modern and traditional decor.

Bateig Beige Crema Baltico, Travertine Navona, Waldorf Taupe, and Verde Ardesia are some great options to consider.

If you are choosing materials that are suitable for traditional bathroom decor, these are some of the most popular options that you can consider. Make sure that you understand your needs from the worktop, your budget, and the benefits and drawbacks of these materials to make the right selection.