The Right Temperature Is Needed To Store White Wine In A Wine Fridge

The Right Temperature Is Needed To Store White Wine In A Wine Fridge

Before investing in a stunning piece of equipment for storing wine, it is advised to compare wine fridge models made by various manufacturers all over the globe. In addition, you might be looking for the right wine fridge that would cater to the importance of the correct temperature for white wine fridge, as you are an avid white wine collector. The advised temperature measurement for white wine must be at 12 degrees Celcius. In conclusion, this temperature level would be a safe environment to cool white wines.

The perfect environment within a wine fridge

A wine fridge provides the optimal storage for white wine bottle collections. The temperature within is consistent and would not fluctuate in any way. Humidity stays at 70%, and the vibration is low. The glass door is equipt with a proper seal and keeps harmful UV rays at a distance. Including some wine racks also protects the wine bottles and keeps them in the correct position. A wine bottle in the proper posture would be on its side, with the neck facing downwards. Moreover, this technique would preserve the labels on the wine bottles. Subsequently, saving the value attached to such a fine white wine bottle. However, white wine’s temperature needs are slightly different to that of red wine. But the difference in the serving temperature is what is most important. White wine is considered to be stored over a shorter period, whereas reds are stored so that they age appropriately. Nevertheless, the requirement for the proper temperature is of utmost importance. 

Different wine fridges for non-identical wines

Suppose your loyalty remains with the astringent taste of white wine. You might to take into serious contemplation about investing in a single-zone wine cooler. Within this wondrous wine cooling component, the temperature is designed to cater for only one type of wine. Either red or white. But as the need for storing both have increased, a version called a dual zone wine fridge came to light. This unit is divided into two subdivisions that can be set to accommodate red and white simultaneously. Giving both separate essential features needed to store or age appropriately. Maintaining your wine fridge is of utmost importance as this would extend your wine’s longevity and lifespan. Thus, do not place your priceless wine fridge in direct sunlight. As well as, do not place a freestanding wine fridge on a carpet. As this would lead to overheating. The advised way to clean your wine fridge would include using a soft cloth and adding a non-abrasive detergent. After cleaning your wine fridge unit, leave the door open for a little while to avoid any excess moisture. 

Added benefits of a properly stored white wine

You can thoroughly enjoy white wine on its own. Or maybe mix a great white wine into something else that would only bring out the essence that makes it a great addition to any aspiring cook. Its taste is a zesty, crisp or long tingly finish. These descriptive words only add to the finesse of holding a perfect wine glass and savouring the aromas of the wine itself. In addition, some wonderful and delicious meals can be made perfect with a splash or two of white wine, such as a white wine frozen yogurt for those of us with a sweet tooth. There are even specialities that can cater to the serious meat eater. Imagine relishing yourself with a great treat to your diet and your side as a wine lover, and all rolled into one. Subsequently, the world of wine tasting would never be seen the same again.

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