What Are The Different Types Of Curtain Rods

What Are The Different Types Of Curtain Rods

Curtain rod adds a beautiful and decorative touch to the windows and doors of your house. A rod is the main part to hang stylish curtains and drapes. Therefore, it is important to choose the most stylish curtain rods to give your standard curtains a perfect look. There are various types of kardinapuu, and they can never run out of style or fashion. 

When it is time for you to renovate your home, there is a broad range of options to style your home’s decor in the best possible way. But remember to choose the right curtain rod, so that it gives your home a perfect look. Here are different types of curtain rods that you must know before buying them. 

Traditional Curtain Rod

The traditional rods are made of metal poles or wood, depending on the size. Merchandisers offer conventional metal or wood poles of various sizes. Before you go to purchase any curtain, you must first know your requirements, whether you need single or double curtain rods. 

These rods come with a full set of matching finials, rings, and wall brackets. They are often determined by their hollowed pipes made of either wood, plastics, or metal. 

Traverse Rod

Traverse curtains rods are very extensively used by each home for covering their large windows. These curtain rods can easily be mounted by the walls or ceilings. Traverse rods mostly look like drapery holes that give the most elegant look to curtains with sheer fabric. 

They can be identified by their metal carriers and tracks. The feature of the traverse rod is that it opens one way or two way, and closes with just one pull to cords. 

Swing Arm Rod

These types of curtain rods are different from other styles of rods. It is named a swing arm due to its functionality, as it swings back and forth when curtains are hung upon. They can easily be determined, as they are attached only to one side of the window, and function partly on a hinge. 

Swing arm rods will give your French door a perfectly stylish look. When these rods are outfitted with pinch pleated curtains, especially on your narrow window or even on side doors, it gives an overall fair glimpse of your room or hall.

Tension Rod

This is considered to be one of the easy and simple curtains hanging rods. Tension rods are usually fixed at one place with the wrenching and spring mechanism. This mechanism develops pressure within the end area of the rod and the wall, where it is mounted. 

If your window’s size is standard with average openings, then this tension rod is the right one for you to install, as it can easily adjust to any window length. They have no complex components like screws or any other hardware, which can damage your walls or windows, where it is mounted. 

Now that you have known the different types of curtain rods, it’s time for you to purchase the right one. If you want to get yourself a nice curtain rod, do contact Avaeksperdid.

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