The Advantages and Benefits of Using LED Lights

Before further discussion into the advantages and benefits of using LED lights, it’s good if you first get to know about what LEDs are, and what is meant by the LED lights. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. In detail, the LED is a semiconductor that transforms electrical energy into light when it is passed by electric current. So, the LED will glow if there is any electric current passing through it.

After being introduced to LEDs, now it is time to expand further to what LED lights are. LED lights are lights which have light sources from a collection of LEDs and they are used primarily for lighting. Now that we have covered the basics of LED and LED lights, let’s go back to the topic. What are the advantages and benefits of using LED lights? Continue reading to find out.

1. LED lights are more energy efficient

The first advantage of using LED lights is that they are able to save more electricity. If you previously had to pay a lot of money because of swollen electricity bill, try switching to LED type lights. These lights have significantly smaller power consumption, so it can help to reduce your monthly electricity bill. Lower electricity costs will surely help in enabling you to be more economical, and thus decreasing your total expenses.

The thing that enables LED lights to be so economical is their technology which enables them to produce the same light quality using much smaller amount of electricity. Currently, LED lights are available in such small power consumptions: there are some that even use only up to 3 Watts per hour. This really lives up to the products’ claims of being capable of saving up to 90 percent of electricity consumption.

2. Long durability

For those of you who prefer longer lasting lights in your home, LED lights are the solution. This light type is quite durable, so you do not have to change your lights as often as with non-LED type lights which often die out after shorter time spans.

Compared to other light types, LED lights can surely last longer. These lights can last around 40,000 to 50,000 hours, while ordinary lights can only last up to 1,000 hours of use.

This will also definitely be beneficial for you in economic terms as you do not have to switch lights as often. An LED light lasting around 40,000 to 50,000 hours means that you only have to switch the light once every around 15 years. Thus, you will save more money as you do not have to buy and change generic lights once per year.

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3.  LED lights do not get so hot

Another advantage of LED light is that it produces. Lights from LED light sources do not grow to be as hot as light from other lights such as generic lights bulbs or neon lights This will definitely add comfort to the rooms utilizing these types of lights.

Yet although they omit softer and warmer light than ordinary lights, Australian lighting industry regulating body now deems that certain types of LED as high risk and thus needs to be certified prior to their sales in Australia. Thus, you have to make sure that the type of LED light that you’d like to get is proven as safe through being certified.

4. LED lights do not radiate UV rays

LED lights are also beneficial for those of you who care about health as the light they produce do not emit Ultra Violet (UV) rays, unlike fluorescent or incandescent lights. UV light rays can be harmful to the eyes and skin. So, it is highly recommended to replace UV-emitting lights in your home with LED lights.

LED lights definitely have a lot of significant advantages and benefits in comparison with other types of lights. Still, these lights also have some disadvantages, primarily in their prices being more expensive – LED lights can cost up to twice as much compared to ordinary energy-saving lights. Thus, this reason still deters more people from switching to LED lights in general.

Yet, with advancements in technology happening every day, we can be positive that prices of LED based lights and lights can decrease in some time soon, so that more people can enjoy these lights and become more economical.

Those are the main advantages and benefits of using LED lights. We hope they can be of use to you.

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